Tuesday, November 28, 2006

TRANSCENDANCE by Althea Rhyl Bell

Shining ones who walk the Earth
profound in heavenly Law,
Hear the cry for peace and love
of those who suffer deep.
Seeing mad Goliaths
rise to power with greed -
To control, persecute, destroy,
pollute –
Energy wild.

Everything dependant-
When will hearts and minds of good men
with thoughts flowing
in Unity,
transform the aggression
of corrupt dictators
on this trembling globe

Human, why can’t you see
the egoism of “ Me “ and
realise that everything is Infinite.
All atoms of Light and Love
designed accordingly,
by vibratory degree.

A tiny flame burns
in each percussed heart-
Seed of ten thousand suns,
some flickering, some exceeding,
to grow
to flower
to experience-
Learn planetary construction.

Christian, Moslem, Jew,
Hindu, Buddhist, Humanist,
Citizens in compound diversity-
Science listen,
“Renew the Golden Age,
Let the human body fill with Holy Sound
-Blessed Word -
Inviolable gift,
help the Spirit
Grow and Lift.”

Babes of the Cosmos radiating light
Joined by rapturous Universal brotherhood,
Now in Harmony and Peace
Opening wide the doorways of nations,
Reaching not one
but All.
To give Compassion,
Sacrifice and receipt,
Resultant surprise…

Citizens of the Universe
They see men now
Not in dissension, but in conference and free –
in inner space…
Still –
Connected by golden thread,
And there above the childlike domes
The Dove victorious -

Althea Rhyl Bell 2006 ©


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