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Humans are citizens of the Universe, and are we always to be contaminators or are we part of a Whole…A union of a grand idea of an unfathomable intelligent one source called God. Just diverse parts in manifestation on this small blue globe, our Mother, the nurturer, called Earth or Gaia after a goddess…a provider of the needs of humans who are still seemingly barbaric in many areas of endeavour..

The Golden Age of humanity is not evident yet…perhaps in a thousand years after the evil wars of hunting and gathering man, the Destroyer and the resultant Earth changes. Sadly, as evolving rough stones we will rub together and learn the lessons that result from leeching our home of its materials, trees, fruits and sea bounty. The minerals from the mines and fertilizers flow via our rivers to the oceans and destroy our fish, corals and the marine ecology and we must mention emissions from our means of transport!

Every Australian expects to have their own domicile, but we build our houses on arable land, instead of building upwards and on rockier and less fertile ground. We dam our lush river flats and do not stockpile water from the north and pipe it to places of less rainfall.

Today there are myriads of ideas, thought of and yet to come, for future energy production, such as desalination, solar energy and wind farms and inventions as exhibited by the chemical and agrarian sciences. Sometimes useful old ideas reemerge. More often than not these are swept under the carpet by vested commercial and vested interests. Now at the beginning of the 21st century there is a renewed idea of energy production by nuclear energy. It is said to replace our declining oil and coal reserves. Are we to selfishly strip all our minerals from the Earth?

To those of you who care, please watch Videos or DVD’s of the film ‘K-19 –The Widowmaker ’ a story of a Russian nuclear submarine with a damaged plutonium reactor, and clips of the sealing of the sarcophagus at Chernobyl, where brave earth warriors sacrificed themselves for others and the land.

Think of the Pacific Islanders who suffer from radiation poisoning from 20th century nuclear tests and rising sea levels due to the Poles melting at an extraordinary rate….and think of the foetus’ that come to term and display gargoyle and crippled bodies…Think of the persons slowly being killed by depleted uranium used in recent wars and remember Hiroshima and the cancers that came after the horror. Old nuclear submarines lie idle in the Baltic Sea and other ports and their manufactured nuclear cores are still there!

Are we to do what other less wise ones say and bury the nuclear waste underground in the Australian desert or elsewhere? The possibility of polluting the Great Artesian Basin and our underground rivers is very real and we are looking at time frames of thousands of years. Will the reward of monetary gain compensate the maimed children of the future or will the ‘Mad Jokers’ or the economic and war merchant ‘Black Magicians ’send the nuclear waste in to space.

Persons with creative harmonious ideas need to govern the Planet and it now needs to be global, and humanity must be educated to understand that personal likes and dislikes must be transcended beyond races. The shared genetic pool of humans and animals is forever vulnerable. The chimpanzees and humans have 98% of the same genes and it evokes the question are humans so special that we can ignore the animals right to an Earth inheritance too.

Destruction of Earth’s populace, food supplies, great rivers, lakes, and undiscovered medicinal plants by gold and other mines is relentless and the cutting of the pristine rain forests for profit and by the poorer countries destroys the oxygen we breathe.

In the 1970’s, author Rachel Carson in the Text “The Silent Spring” warned of future Earth changes and global warming and depletion of resources .It is evident that the politicians and economic pharaohs ignored the call for moderation. The sceptics said it would never happen. Well, the day is here now and we are told we have 10 years or less before the point of no return is reached. Also, is an urgent necessity that we as good citizens become productive in providing a future for life?

There are many ways to do this, simple ones too, such as growing carob trees for shade and stock food. They do this in Algeria where it is very dry. Email or write a letter to a politicians reminding them of their responsibilities in serving and preserving the populace and our Earth Home.

The need to unite is great in the adventure of finding ways of recovery and growth for all things.

This planet should not be left to robots who do not have suitable vehicles for the existence of a soul or it might be said …no place for the Intelligent One Spirit to dwell in goodness, charity and Peace.

A nuclear physicist professor friend who is very aged now, attended overseas conferences on nuclear fission and energy for many years and he would always return saying, “ Nuclear energy is a mistake for living entities and will always be so”.

“If we come together we have more Power to fight for our future and not just profits.”

“Some solutions are…we need massive investment in 'Renewables' as a turnaround in energy efficiency and in an immediate cap on greenhouse emissions.”

“We need our Parliament to legislate for 25% of Australian energy to be renewable by 2020 AD.”

Althea Rhyl Bell

© 14/3/07


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