Wednesday, August 30, 2006

CHRISTMAS STORY by Althea Rhyl Bell

Underneath the wide colonial eaves,

frozen dream of childhood Christmas

spent on splintery verandah steps-

Gazing to the summer stars

waiting to see Santa and his pack

bearing the all important sack.


Whiskers resplendant of cottonwool

red silk dressing gown,

calico flourbag upon his head

he gave the longed for goodies out.

Amid the parcels green and red

large eyed children agog in bed

slyly watched the magic moment,

for tomorrow there would only be

the green and red caladiums,

the darting blue dragon fly

beneath the verandah steps

and unpacked parcels for all to see,

God's Bounty.


Althea Rhyl Bell©

AGE by Althea Rhyl Bell

Old Egypt, soft and green –
Wavy sassafras grass shivers
while sleepy crocodile lies serene.
Sandy warm water between the toes,
and Red billed ibis among the reeds –
darting flies hide the billowing flows
of the white felucca’s sails.

Amen-Ra, pyramids and obelisks
surrounded by the Nile –
Cheop’s perfect, testimonies.
Yet Sphinx’s face challenges time and tales
washed by salty tears,
hauntingly scryes and
brings forth ancient memories.

Althea Rhyl Bell ©